• Diane M Kellogg

A Christmas Explosion!

A pictorial essay to put you in the mood!

Cinnamon sticks and cookies! I can smell the nutmeg from here!

Doesn't this put you in the mood to paint a quaint little village or yard scene?

Peppermint hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, need I say more?!

Let it snow...

Okay, more cocoa...you can never get enough!

...and the lights sparkled!

O' Christmas Tree...

Such a serene scene.

I would like to insert a request here, share your Christmas art with the blog for inclusion in a future issue. Send your pics to pwmblogeditor@gmail.com, include your name, the designer's name and when you painted it.

I hope you all have a great Christmas this year and paint, paint, paint!


All Photos found on Pixabay.Com

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