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A Different Kind of Gourd Art.

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

from Sammie Crawford, the Fairy Gourdmother.

Sammie brings us this fun and easy gourd art. It's wearable too!

Here is a simple project that anyone can do. All you need is a scarf, a permanent pen, a cute pendant, and a gourd cylinder. Simply use the pen to outline the markings that occur naturally on the gourd, make a tiny hole for the pin and attach the pendant. Now you have a one-of-a-kind accessory that you can quickly change to wear with any outfit by just changing the scarf.


This is all you need to make this attractive scarf slide.

A short piece of a gourd, available from Sammie, see below.

Needle-nose pliers.

Sharpie® permanent fine point marker.

Exacto® knife

Jump ring

1" eye pin

1. Make a very small hole in the center of the gourd. Attach the jump ring to the eye pin and bend it slightly. This makes it easier to insert it into the hole.

2 Insert the pin in the gourd and slip the pendant onto the pin.

3. Use the pliers to bend the pin into a circle, closing it tightly so the pendant doesn't slip off.

4. Thread the scarf through the gourd cylinder, tie in a knot and slip over your head.

Editor's note - I think these would also make awesome napkin holders!

All photo credit - Sammie Crawford

Purchasing and other information - Special $12 includes a cleaned, pre-drilled gourd, the necessary hardware i.e. the jump ring and eye pin and free shipping.

Contact The Fairy Gourdmother, 100 Brighton Place, Hot Springs Arkansas, 71913 or email at

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