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A Look at the Works of Edward Hopper.

Born in New York in 1882, Edward Hopper grew to become a multi-talented artist, he was a realist painter and a printmaker. Known for his oil paintings he was also a gifted watercolorist. Perhaps his most famous painting is Nighthawks, shown below. This iconic painting has been seen in many forms and has been a big influence on pop culture. From inspiring many other artists who have painted homages* to appearing in television and movies, this painting is easily recognizable. A look at some of his other paintings shows his take on American life. Enjoy!

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper 1942

Girl at Sewing Machine 1921

Room in New York 1932

Automat 1927

Hotel Window 1955

New York Movie 1939

Gas 1940

*From Yundle.Com - "Homage refers to an act of showing respect or tribute towards someone or something in public. In the context of art, the term refers to a painting, movie or another work of art where the artist adopts the content or features of another artist or work as a mark of respect."

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All Images are in the public domain, source - Wikimedia Commons.

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