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A message from Kole and Painting World Magazine...

After speaking with Curtis Smith---Just to squash the rumor mill...It pains me that I even have to do this. It has been brought to our attention that a rumor that I am laid off and that PWM is two magazines behind has been verbally put out there by an unknown source. I am unable to work due to the shelter in place just like a vast number of other Americans. Although the intention may not have been meant to be harmful, it has its effects. The state of Minnesota, where PWM is based out of, is shut down due to COVID19, on a SHELTER IN PLACE. This will run until MAY 14th unless we are otherwise notified. This is not a new thing. All across America many of us are temporarily out of work due to this VIRUS. The print house that prints PWM is under the same order, as they are based out of MINNESOTA. Now, as to the rumor we are TWO MAGAZINES behind, this is simply NOT TRUE. Just as an order for NON ESSENTIAL businesses to cease operations came about, the mailing of the April magazines could not be completed. Receiving a magazine is not essential. I feel we all have enough to deal with during these times and are all facing unique challenges as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic. What we all can do without is rumors that negatively affect other people and their respective businesses or livelihood. Please have consideration and empathy for your fellow neighbors, co-workers, vendors, suppliers, etc. I would like to thank all of you who have supported us and been uplifting during these very trying times. Let us not forgot all those families who have been devastated by this virus.

Please also note that PWM customer service is NOT answering during these times. There is and has been a message on voicemail that goes over why and it is DUE to this COVID19 Shelter in place. Additionally, a vacation response was set up at the same time to auto-respond to emails. It too explains we are out due to COVID19. The voicemail only holds so many messages so please listen carefully to the message so that you understand why voicemail is full. Please understand that you will not hear back from a customer service agent until we are able to resume work when the Shelter in Place is LIFTED after MAy 14th. Thank you!

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