• Diane M Kellogg

A Tour of Italy.

A pictorial essay of curated paintings, all within the public domain.

Inspired by our featured artist, Anita Campanella, and her wonderful project in this issue,

'Italian Recipes.'

Italian Landscape by Frederick Gottwald, 1942.

Italian Landscape by Gusztáv Magyar Mannheimer, date unknown.

Italian Landscape by Pierre Athanase Chauvin, mid 19th century.

Italian Street Scene by Michele_Cammarano,1873.

Italian Street Scene by Michele Cammarano, 1873.

Italian Landscape with Castle by Susan Hinckley Bradley,1929.

Lovers in Italian Landscape by Markó Károly, 1853.

Italian Landscape by Giovanni Giordano Lanza, before1889.

Italian Landscape by Frederick Gottwald, 1920.

Italian Landscape by Karoly Patko, 1930.

A Dead-End Street in Vienna Erdberg by Tina Blau, 1910.

Marine,Italy by Vilhelm Melbye, 1852.

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