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A Warm Hug!

By Elisabetta De Maria


The Base of the Sleigh measures 23 x 19 cm or 9" x 13".





Free Cloth







Tracing Paper

Graphite Paper

Paper Palette


Decoart® Americana Acrylics:

DA083 Black Forest Green

DA063 Burnt Sienna

DA064 Burnt Umber

DA03 Buttermilk

DA238 Canyon Orange

DA399 Celery Shoot

DA391 Cinnamon Stick

DA101 Dioxazine Purple

DA163 Honey Brown

DA312 Irish Moss

DA229 Jack-O’-Lantern Orange

DA067 Lamp Black

DA367 Lilac Meadow

DA094 Mississippi Mud

DA165 Napa Red

DA201 Primary Yellow

DA302 Purple Pizzazz

DA04 Sand

DA345 Scarlet

DA365 Shoreline

DA155 Soft Black

DA325 Sunny Day

DA01 Snow (Titanium) White

DA169 Tomato Red

DA221 Traditional Burnt Umber

DA028 Wedgewood Blue

DA08 Yellow Ochre


Gesso - Decoart

Satin Varnish - Decoart

Dazzling Metallics Decoart Splendid Gold

Dazzling Metallics Decoart Festive Red

Glamour Dust Limelight Decoart

Extreme Sheen Bronze Decoart

Stamp - Christmas Subjects

Stencil - Merry Christmas Stamperia KSD264

Tiny Star or Snowflake Stencil

Snow Pen - Decoart


Liner Brush Black Gold #5/0 Dynasty (206L)

Round Brush #2 Dynasty Brush (206R)

Flat Brush Black Gold #4, 8, 10 Dynasty Brush (206S)

Angular Brush for Floating Black Gold 1/4",3/8",1/2" Dynasty Brush (206A)

Deerfoot 1/4" Dynasty Brush

Mop Brush to Blend and Soften Color 1/2" Dynasty Brush 400

Round Brush for Drybrush Loew-Cornell

Stencil Brush 3/8" Dynasty


Basecoat: Opaque application of background color on surface or component.

Shading and Highlighting: Load a small amount of paint in the corner of an Angle Brush, and stroke the brush back and forth on the palette paper until most of the paint is out of the brush. It is important that the color be worked in the brush until it is completely transparent. Apply as if walking out a float of color. Repeat if necessary and use the Mop brush to blend the color.

Drybrush: I use brushes that are dome-shaped, rounded, and have shorter hairs. Dip the brush into the paint and then wipe the brush on a dry paper towel, rotating the brush until only a residue of paint remains. Move to the surface, use light pressure and begin “scrubbing” the paint out of the brush, slowly, in a small circular motion. Work the paint outward, allowing it to diminish so that there is a gradation of color.


Place the pattern on the surface and transfer the main lines with graphite paper.

Use the brushes you are most comfortable with and apply a coat of primer and let it dry.

SHADING AND HIGHLIGHTING: ( Refer to color photo for placement)


Basecoat Central Part: Shoreline

Shade the outer edge and around the puppet with Wedgewood Blue.

Basecoat Top: Buttermilk

Shade with Honey Brown.

Paint the word "Merry Christmas" with the stencil and with Burnt Umber.

Use Burnt Umber to paint the stars with stamps.


Basecoat: Buttermilk.

Shade with Mississippi Mud and highlight with Titanium White.

Stippling to give a sense of softness with Titanium White.


Basecoat: Canyon Orange.

Shade with Cinnamon Stick and highlight with Primary Yellow.

Cheeks: Drybrush with Cinnamon Stick.

Eyes, Lashes, Eyebrows, and Mouth: Lamp Black.

Paint the light point inside the eye and on the cheek with Titanium White.


Basecoat Band: Lilac Meadow

Shade with Purple Pizzazz and highlight with Titanium White.

Create softness with strokes in various directions using the liner and Titanium White.

Basecoat Hat: Lilac Meadow and Dioxazine Purple.

Shade first with Purple Pizzazz and then with Dioxazine Purple.

Using the stylus, paint the dots with Lilac Meadow in the dark band.


Basecoat: Lilac Meadow

With the Deerfoot brush create a soft effect using Purple Pizzazz and Titanium White. Shade with Dioxazine Purple.

Gloves: Dioxazine Purple + Purple Pizzazz (1: 1)

Shade with Soft Black and highlight with Lilac Meadow + Purple Pizzazz (1: 1)

Stippling with Titanium White.


Basecoat: Primary Yellow.

Shade with Honey Brown and highlight with Sunny Day.

Paint the lines with Sunny Day.


Basecoat: Scarlet

Shade with Tomato Red and deepen with Napa Red.

Highlight with Jack-O’-Lantern Orange.

Paint the mask, the tuft on the head, the tail, and the legs with Lamp Black.

Paint the eye with Lamp Black and Titanium White.

Paint the beak with Jack-O’-Lantern Orange.

Highlight with Primary Yellow and paint the beak line with Cinnamon Stick.

Baby Bear:


Basecoat: Honey Brown + Yellow Ochre (1: 1)


Basecoat: Yellow Ochre

Blend towards the head with Honey Brown.

Shade around the nose with Honey Brown.

Start by dry brushing with Yellow Ochre and shading first with Burnt Sienna and then with Burnt Umber.


Basecoat: Lamp Black.

Highlight with Titanium White and with the burin always make the light point with Titanium White.

Eyebrows: Burnt Umber


Basecoat: Burnt Umber

Shade the bottom with Soft Black and highlight with Honey Brown.

With the Deerfoot brush, do the stippling to give a soft effect on the cheeks and muzzle with the Sand color.


Basecoat Band: Celery Shoot

Shade with Irish Moss.

Create softness with strokes in various directions using the liner and Titanium White.

Basecoat Hat: Irish Moss

Shade with Black Forest Green and brighten with Celery Shoot.

With the stylus, paint the dots with Titanium White.


With the stencil paint a star on the light blue background.

Go over the points of the star with the Decoart Snow Pen.

Paint the falling snow with the stylus and the Titanium White color.

Paint the star on the snowman's nose with liner and Titanium White.

Paint the stars made with the stamps at the top with Jack-O'-Lantern Orange.

In the writing "Merry Christmas" use the stylus to paint the berries with the color Scarlet.

Use the stylus to make the light point with Titanium White.

Use the stylus and the color Scarlet to paint the dots.

Varnish as desired.



I hope you enjoy painting this as much as I did!

Happy Painting


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