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A World of Color!

We are so lucky in this world to have access to one of the best color palettes ever offered.

Occasionally a color may be discontinued or replaced. Sometimes you can't find the color in one brand and want to replace it with another. When this happens it is always handy to find a conversion chart of a paint mixing chart. There are also some great charts to use for shading and highlighting too.

A search online did not go as I had hoped. I found the following links to DecoArt® which have some great charts regarding conversions, etc. but I found very little else wise.

Should anyone, reader or company, have knowledge of more charts I would love to include a link here. Just email me at

FROM DECOART®: Thanks Rosemary!

Conversion Charts

This link takes to the DecoArt® site where they have conversion charts for many paints.

Retired Americana Colors & Mixing Recipes Chart

Americana Shading & Highlighting Chart

I also located this from JO SONJA®:

Conversions in Paint

Please note that you can also download or view catalogs and/or color charts from the following links...

PLAID® Thanks Andy!



Another thing to note...there are many more paint companies along with a variety of paints out there. I suggest you do search for specific paints to see what they offer.

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