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All Hallow's Eve

Cover Photo Credit - Saso Tusar - Unsplash

Did you ever wonder about the origins of this particular holiday? As decorative painters, many of us love to paint for Halloween. The colors are quite often bright and inviting, sometimes somber and even dark. The subject matter can be delightfully light and cutesy or it can be eerie and scary.

Back in history, Halloween got its beginnings with an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. Bonfires were lit and costumes were worn to scare off the ghosts. November 1st was designated All Saint's Day by Pope Gregory III to honor all saints. The evening before was called All Hallow's Eve and eventually became known as Halloween. Today we trick or treat for candy while wearing costumes and we carve our jack o 'lanterns.

Photo Credit - Dane Deaner - Unsplash

Many countries celebrate holidays with a similar theme. From Dia de Los Meurtos to Guy Fawkes Eve, the holidays bear a resemblance to the very American holiday of Halloween. The dates may vary but the celebrations exist.

Photo Credit - ©2020 DMK/OCO

The second largest holiday in the US, many decorate for this holiday and the popularity of Halloween as a decorative painting subject is very high. Many designers cater to this holiday and a vast amount of patterns can be found.

Photo Credit - Anna Kolosyuk - Unsplash

So lift those paintbrushes, stir up a little magic and try your hand at some Halloween Hi Jinx!

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