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All I want for Christmas...

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

No, it is not my two front teeth... I took care of that years ago! What I am looking for under my tree this year is something only you can give me. I want new designs, new patterns! I want you to submit them to me at . I've got lots of space to fill, this is your chance to send me your next project or your first project. I'll even see you get paid for your work! It's a great way to get started in the publishing world.

Please look at the following editorial calendar and send me your submissions!

2020 Editorial Calendar

January - New Years, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, Chinese New Year

February - Home Decor (Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Bath, etc.), St. Patrick's Day

March - Birds of Spring, Mother's Day, Easter

April - Father's Day, Birds of Summer, Patriotic

May - Picnic

June - Steampunk

July - Christmas in July

August - Halloween High Jinx

September - Day of the Dead

October - Fall into Christmas

November - Christmas

December - Last minute gifts, Jewelry, Everyday, Art Deco

We are also looking for projects that include a recipe and a painted item to match.

Everyday items are looked at for all issues, not just December.

Don't worry about wrapping it, I'm good!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Smiles, Diane =0)

P.S. I'm really easy to work with, I promise!

Photo Credit - Pixabay.Com

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