• Diane M Kellogg

An autumn leaf challenge...

As I sit in a rather warm place that sees fall arrive much later than the fall I remember from up north, I reflect on the beauty of the changing foliage I remember so well from a Pennsylvania landscape.

Much as I dislike the fact that the falling leaves lead to falling snow... yes, I'm one of those...I can admire the beauty of both.

I love the patterns and textures of leaves, they tend to inspire a desire to preserve their beauty.

Which brings us to the challenge for this issue of the PWM Blog...

Find a leaf or leaves and create. Use them as your inspiration, your models...use them as supplies. Draw, paint, glue...it's up to you!

Send photos of your art to me at PWMBlogEditor@Gmail.com

I'm anxious to see your imagination takes you!

All Photos Credit - Pixabay.com & Pexels.com

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