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Animals in Snow - A Pictorial Essay

Is there anything quite as majestic as an animal photographed in the snow? The following collection, shown in random order, is a glimpse of many different animals enjoying the winter landscape.

Intended to inspire us all to lift our brushes and recreate the beauty our eyes send to memory.

These photos were all found in Unsplash and Pixabay. Their authors are listed below each photo. Perhaps a request to the photographers may give you permission to paint their vision.

In any case, enjoy and allow inspiration to occur!

Tiger - Pixabay.Com, Marcel Langthim

Alaskan Malamute - Unspash.Com, nic

Deer - Unsplash.Com, Mike Lewinski

Polar Bear - Unsplash.Com, Hans-Jurgen Mager

Horse - Unsplash.Com, Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

Penquin - Pixabay.Com, Hans Braxmeier

White Dog - Unsplash.Com, Josh Hild

Snow Owl - Unsplash.Com, Todd Steitle

Bison - Unsplash.Com, Valdemaras D

White Wolf or Dog? - Unsplash.Com, Marek Szture

Deer - Unsplash.Com, Norman Tsui

White Fox - Unsplash.Com, Jonatan Pie

Sea Lions - Unsplash.Com, Torsten Dederichs

Husky - Unsplash.Com, Riley Sullivan

Cat - Unsplash.Com, Niklas Veenhuls

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