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Apples, who can resist them? We love to eat them, we love to photograph them and we love to paint them.

Recipes abound with the apple as the inspiration for many a flavorful dish. From apple crisp to apple pie, apple turnovers to apple mouth waters just thinking about them.

What's better than a nice, warm batch of home made applesauce or that special apple stuffing Grandma used to make at Thanksgiving?

While red is the expected and traditional color of the apple they also come in so many shades of yellow and green. With over 7500 varieties of apples worldwide, you are sure to find the one you like! There are at least a hundred of these grown in the United States.

With the upcoming fall festivals in so many places, you are sure to run into a plethora of apples, be it an apple itself, a scrumptous dessert or an artist's rendition of this beautiful fruit.

I hope this inspired you to get out there, check out the festivals then come home with the inspiration to paint what you feel.

I invite comments, showing your work or sharing a family apple recipe.

Enjoy your apples!

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