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Are you ready for

While checking out a local arts & crafts store I found these interesting

items. Nine in a package for $4.99 regular retail makes them a great price, even better if you use a coupon. (As so many of these stores offer.) #TH93254

I was intrigued by the miniature size (2 1/2" long), that fact they are metal and are crying out for a paint job! Think outside the box, add whatever you like. Make them a mixed media project or part of a greater design. Use them alone or together.

My challenge to you is to give them life and then send a picture of the results to me at .

I can't wait to see what you come up with! I'll share mine too!

Listed below are establishments that carry them, online and/or in store. Also check with your local arts & crafts stores and scrap booking stores.


Hobby Lobby

Joann Fabrics

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