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Art Journal Challenge

Susan Wolfe answered our Christmas in July challenge and she did an awesome job. I can't decide which family I like better, the big happy family or the cozy smaller family? I guess I will just like them both! Where is your snowman? or snowmen or snow women?? C'mon, let's cool down this hot summer and show us your cool creations!

Photo and design ©2020 Susan Wolfe

Photo and design ©2020 Susan Wolfe

Spending the weekend with my granddaughters, I decided to ask them to draw me what they think a snowman looks like.

The younger of the two, at age 4, asked for help. I drew some basic shapes for her, she insisted on a baby snowman, and she added color. I should note her favorite color is 'violet'.

Miss Willow, age 4.

The older, at age 6, needed no help. She jumped right in and created a wonderful 'girl' snowman, complete with a pink hair bow, her favorite color.

Miss Elliot, age 6.

I hope to get my snowman done for part 3 of our Christmas in July Art Journal Challenge.

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