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Art Journal Challenge

Last issue you were challenged to create a Jack O'Lantern. That challenge continues as we also issue a second Halloween Hi Jinx challenge...

Along with your Jack O'Lantern, we would like to see Halloween art with a dark background. Black, purple, deep us what you can do. The choice is yours, use whatever Halloween characters you like, the more iconic, the better.

Below are some pieces submitted from two very young ladies, one 4 years old and one six years of age. I asked them to draw Jack O'Lanterns for their journals.

Willow, age 4.

Elliot, age 6.

The next two submissions are from myself and a friend. We are still working on these and you can expect to see them finished in part 3, August 22.

Design ©DMK-OCO

Design ©2020 Linda Lineman

Keep accepting the challenge and show us your art!

Send your photos to

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