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Art Journal Challenge

This issue continues the leaf challenge along with presenting an all-new challenge for October.

The leaf or leaves challenge was to draw or paint leaves or a leaf, alone or in a setting, the choice is yours. Pencil, paint...whatever medium you desired to use. The challenge still stands. Send us your pics!

I haven't finished my leaves quite yet. I hope to share them soon.

The photo below was submitted to share for the Art Journal Challenge. While this wasn't painted in a journal I thought it too lovely not to share. From reader Miki of Spokane, Washington...

'For the leaves - Sometimes the things I want to make just won’t fit in a journal. For this piece, I used a piece of hand dyed linen as my platform for the leaves. They are all cut from the same piece of ice dyed fabric. I painted the frog, just because she needed to be there.'

Our new challenge should be a fun one. I want you to take one of your favorite holiday recipes and do a page about it, including the recipe. Use whatever medium you prefer. Mix it up if you like. Paint, stamp, draw...whatever makes you happy!

Photo Credit - Monika Grabkowska - Unsplash

I can't wait to see the submissions for this challenge!!!

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