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Art Journal Challenge

Our leaf challenge in the art journal was to draw or paint leaves or a leaf, alone or in a setting. Using whatever medium you wished. Here are some more wonderful submissions...

Reader Terrie Greencorn submitted this stunning creation, she says 'This was done using acrylics thinned to watercolor consistency on 140 lb paper. Here in Nova Scotia, we are surrounded by evergreen and deciduous trees of every color imaginable. It is impossible not to be inspired by nature.'

Reader Susan Garrow submitted this vibrant version of leaves along with a happy greeting!

My own leaves are still missing something...hopefully I will figure out what before snow flies!

Our new challenge is ongoing, as are they all. I want you to take one of your favorite holiday recipes and do a page about it, including the recipe. Use whatever medium you prefer. Mix it up if you like. Paint, stamp, draw...whatever makes you happy! Send your submissions to

Happy Fall!

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