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Art Journal Challenge - April 1, 2023

Welcome back to the art journal challenge. I worked a bit on our Earth Day challenge.

Playing with some more media acrylics and colored pencils I started filling in the areas radiating from the earth.

I started to fill one section with larger pink flowers, with a yellow center. Linework was added with a Sharpie® Fine Point Marker.

Another section I started to fill with retro, 60s/70s style words and figures. Basically random doodling to fill in it, then I plan on adding color.

In a third section I decided on a rainbow and sunshine, using watercolor pencils.

The sections between I am thinking maybe an array of stickers in one, a stenciled section in another. Maybe some charms, fabric or decoupage parts.

I also added some washi tape. While not complete it is a work in progress. How did you do with yours? Share with us at

The idea is to fill in with whatever speaks to you of the earth and what it means.

Watch the April 15 blog for our next challenge.


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