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Art Journal Challenge - August 15, 2023

Halloween Hi-Jinx! Part Two.

In part one, I gave you the line drawing and suggested supplies and materials to take the Halloween Hi-Jinx challenge.

The photo below links back to part one.

As you will see in my finished project below, I opted NOT to use the scrapbooking paper. I did use the wooden spider, the two tiny wood cobwebs, and the metal tag. I also used the two stencils and some of the cork. (I did try the crow/raven but decided I didn't care for it. I've included a photo below so you can decide for yourself.)

I added the background using DecoArt® Mixed Media acrylics. (See supply list below.) The bottles were all done with DecoArt® Americana Acrylics with the stenciling on the orange bottle done with

Plaid® FolkArt Metallic. I played with the design on the purple bottle, tracing it on and adding more tendrils. I painted it, rather than stenciling it.

*Beware, when painting on some journal paper, particularly the handmade variety such as mine, you will find the paper tends to tear or dissolve while trying to correct or add additional shading.

For the shelf brackets, I cut the cobwebs with an Exacto® knife. I painted them to match the shelf and glued them to the page.

I cut pieces of the cork to glue on the top of two of the bottles. I did shade them a bit to give an older look to them. I attached the metal tag with some paper fasteners I had that matched the tag. I also added

a few stick-on gemstones to the spider and the center bottle.

Supplies & Paints I used...

Bottles - Tangelo Orange / Georgia Clay

Lavender/ Dioxazine Purple

Irish Moss/ Black Forest Green

Highlights on Bottles - Snow White

Shelf - Burnt Umber/Soft Black/Milk Chocolate

Wall & Glass part of bottles - Mixed media Acrylics, Dark Grey and Medium Grey values

Spider - Lamp Black, Tuscan Red,

Stencils - Tim Holtz® -Twisted THS065 - Margarita

Tim Holtz® - Falling Stars THS115 - Gold Metallic

Plum Purdy Designs® - Swirl Dot Star #112 - Lavender

Lettering - Lamp Black

Shading on Corks - Burnt Umber

Metal Tag - I think this is a Tim Holtz® piece but I found it in my stash and am not sure.

Wood pieces - Spiderwebs and spider. I found these in my stash and believe they are from one of those multi-packs of seasonal wood pieces.

Stick-on Gems - Walmart®.

Download Bottle Lettering Here.

Please let me know what you thought of this challenge and feel free to send me photos of your challenge results!

Design & Photos©2023 Diane Marie Kellogg- Oil Creek Originals

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