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Art Journal Challenge Feb.23, 2020

Our last challenge for the journal was to draw something in pencil. It could be anything. I chose to draw some shamrocks. I went with simple rather than complex. I used all three of my journals. I used the same pencil in each, a General's Carbon Sketch #595. I found that once again I prefer the largest journal, the one with the handmade paper. It has such an awesome texture.

One of our readers, Sammie Crawford, sent me the following photo of her sketch. The lines in Sammie's rose is very clean yet so elegant. She captured the essence of the rose.

For our next journal, let's draw and color, with pencil, ink or paint. The theme will be something Easter'y. Be it a bunny or a chick, be it something for fun or with a religious motif, the choice is yours.

PLEASE...share your work. I can give you full credit or you can share it anonymously. Send all pics to . It can be photos form any of the challenges, not just the current one.

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