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Art Journal Challenge - Halloween Hi-Jinx Edition - Part One

Cover Photo - ©2020 DigiArtbyDi

Halloween is getting close and it's time for the Halloween Hi-Jinx Art Journal Challenge.

Part One is going to be a fun one. Jack O' Lanterns, who doesn't love them?! They can be so much fun. The carving of Jack O' Lanterns actually began in Ireland, where they used to carve turnips and potatoes instead of pumpkins.

A fascinating story behind this fun tradition can be found by clicking the happy Jack below.

Once the tradition was brought to the states by Irish immigrants, the pumpkin became the best carvable source for the Jack O'Lanterns.

We, as decorative artists have found a much less messy way to create the Jack O'Lantern.

From painting to drawing, pastels to mixed media, we create our pumpkins and add their wonderfully expressive faces with not an innard removed.

Faces Photo - ©2020 DMK/OCO Designs

Our challenge for this issue... Create a Jack O'Lantern or two or three. Choose your medium and let the mischief out! Any medium, any style...let's see what you've got!

Send photos of your pumpkin pal(s) to

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