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Art Journal Challenge - July 1, 2023

Welcome to the 'Christmas in July' edition of the Art Journal Challenge! Part one.

This one is a bit different as I will 'challenge' you a bit more than usual! Of course, these projects aim to expand your creativity and broaden your use of different products and techniques. In this instance, I WANT to see what you do with the design I give to you.

Below I will give you a line drawing for you to fill with color and fun! What products you use are up to you. You can add more if needed or take away what may not work for you, feel free to turn it into a mixed-media piece if that is where you want to go with it. Next issue, I will post what I have done with the design, along with a supply list and directions. I would also love to post your work too! Please email me at and I will include your version in the next blog! Get them to me by July 14. Any I receive after that date will be in the August 1 blog.

As usual, I am working with a rather large journal. You may need to resize the line drawing for your journal. Please excuse the wrinkles on my page, this was a handmade journal bought from Sugarboo & Co a few years ago.

I've included the words for you to trace onto your piece as I did in the photos. Placement and use of the wording are entirely up to you. The photo above and the photo of the line drawing below faintly shows possible word placement. You can download the file below.



Cover Image by Freepick.

Project Design ©2023 DMK-OCO

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