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Art Journal Challenge - June 1, 2023

Today brings an end to our Steampunk challenge. I'm excited about the upcoming APC Expo convention in Chattanooga, TN in June of 2024. I wanted to combine a little of the creativity of the event with Steampunk, one of my favorite things. Once I decided on all the elements, as seen in parts 1 and 2 of this particular challenge, I decided to add a bit of personal detail by using photos. I took photos I have saved on my computer and printed them out in black and white. I trimmed them with a white edge and then, along with the other 'findings' I pulled from my personal stash I glued it all together.

The results...

I can later make 'notes' in the border on either side or even on the train 'puff' of smoke.

Now it's your turn...send me photos of your version of this challenge. They will be shared here in an upcoming issue of the blog. Send to Don't be shy! Let's share!

Watch for the next challenge in the June 15th blog! I'm thinking of something with a lighthouse theme.

Design & Photos ©2023 Diane Marie Kellogg-Oil Creek Originals - All Rights Reserved.

*The findings used were from an assortment previously bought by the artist. Some are Tim Holtz, others are from various scrapbooking companies and not all are known at this point. I encourage you to use what you have in your stash.

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