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Art Journal Challenge March 1, 2020

In our last issue, the challenge was to add color to a drawing you had done previously. You could use your choice of paints, markers, pencils...whatever.

I took each of the three journals I am working on and gave them color in three different ways.

The first, the tiny one, I used General's Watercolor pencils. I did not add water. Just simple coloring. As I work on this Lilliputian sized ledger of my scribblings, I find it is my favorite as far as looking back through the journals. The small pages, approximately 2" x 2 1/2", give it an almost fairy-like feel. I love to paint miniature things.

The second, the mid-sized with the smooth paper, I chose to use regular colored pencils and a light hand, giving them just a bit of color. The smooth paper worked well with the pencils.

For the third, the 'gianormus' one, as my granddaughter would say, I went with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics. Once again, the texture in this journal is awesome. It has a toothy surface that works well with both the pencils and the paints.

As we progress on this journey please note, I am not an expert. I paint and I learn as I go.

For instance, one of the ever-present and soon forgotten lessons...don't rub your arm across your work, it will smear 99% of the time! LOL!

This project will be way more fun if you all participate. Send me photos of what you do. If anyone has fun or different ideas for the journal, message me and share them. If you have done something totally different, send us a pic.

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