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Art Journal Challenge May 1, 2020

Time to get back to the art journal challenge. Our last challenge was to do a page in your journal giving homage to Vincent van Gogh, using the painting, The Starry Night, as inspiration.

I have to admit, I'm not pleased with my attempt, it lacks any movement. To be honest, I rushed this. I will be playing around some more with this particular challenge.

Reader Barbara Bunsey shared her 'Starry Night' shoes and...

her 'Starry Night On The Rhone' which she did in a Van Goh painting class in Arles, France in 2018. Thank you, Barbara!

Our next challenge is for the birds! Do a page in your journal relating to birds. It can be drawing, it can be stamped. It can be painted. It can be multi-media. Just use birds for your subject.

PLEASE...share what you do with these journal challenges. It will be so much more fun if you do. I can share them on the blog anonymously if you desire.

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