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Art Journal Challenge - May 1, 2023

Steampunk, Part 1.

I thought I would create a page for our art journal challenge in this issue that celebrates our upcoming expo. Taking place in the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee the first Annual Painting & Craft Expo will combine painting and crafts in a whole new way. A fusion of paint and art, this fun new convention will take place from June 24th through the 29th of 2024.

With Chattanooga's fame for trains what better way to celebrate our new endeavor than crafting a steampunk page in our journal?! The definition of steampunk is borrowed from the Google page from Oxford Languages...

steam·punk noun 1. a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. "if you like steampunk, this is a great book for you" 2. a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction. "the essence of steampunk is an homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist"

Let's see what we can come up with...

The first part of this challenge will involve putting together our background.

Supplies needed include...Your journal, DecoArt Media Matte Medium DMM20, and your choice of collage paper. The one I used is Tum Holtz idea-ology Collage Paper, Typeset/Composer #TH94046, and an old clean brush to apply the medium.

Measure your paper to fit your page. You can arrange the paper any way you choose. Below are samples.

I decided to go with the single sheet up the middle. I carefully tore the top and bottom for a ragged edge.

Apply a nice layer of matte medium to the back of the paper and carefully turn it over and apply it to your journal sheet. Carefully smooth it out, using your fingers to do so. The paper will rip easily so be careful. If it does rip, go with the flow. Make the rip a part of your design.

Once it is glued down apply a coat of the matte medium to the top of the paper and along the edges where it meets the journal page. Allow to dry.

Next issue, we will start adding color to our project. I plan on using DecoArt Media Acrylics. You can also use watercolors or watered-down acrylic paint. Choose your colors!

You may also want to start collecting embellishments to decorate our page. Look for steampunk-inspired charms, etc. in your personal stash or at local craft stores such as Michael's. Joanns or Hobby Lobby. Think gears, timepieces, keys, locomotives, etc.

Art piece charms will be fun too such as paint brushes, palettes, arts & crafts, etc.

See you next issue. (May 15.)


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