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Art Journal Challenge - May 15, 2023

Today's journal is a continuation of our May 1 journal. We left off after adding the collage paper to the page.

Now we are going to add color using DecoArt© Media Acrylics and DecoArt© Americana Acrylics.

For the base colors, I chose the Media Acrylics Burnt Umber and Phthalo Green-Yellow. Wetting the surface I then thinned the paint with water and slip-slapped across the page coming off the sides as shown in the photos. Overlap the two colors as seen in the photos. Add darker strips of paint here and there.

I had originally planned on painting the silhouettes directly to the surface but decided it was easier to cut them out of 90 lb. watercolor paper and then paint them, using the Lamp Black Americana paint. (Silhouettes are located at the bottom of the page.)

I played with the layout and am ready to glue everything on. I think I will use a combination of super glue and glue sticks.

We will attend to the gluing and finishing in part 3.

Stay tuned!

Silhouettes. (Compliments of

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