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Art Journal Challenge - Part 3

It's time to decide what we are going to do with our first page. It seems to me it should be a title page. Something that states your intentions or lets a viewer know it is your art journal and no one else's. This is not to say you have to show it to anyone, it is up to you to share or not.

For my journal, I have decided to work with rubber stamps and colored pencils on my first page. My intent is to title my journal and make it a part of me. I learned a technique years ago, where you stamp your surface, allow it to dry, then using colored pencils and a fine tip brush, you fill in the stamped area. It is very similar to watercolors.

My challenge to you is to design your first page. If you want to try my techniques, I will post complete photographs and instruction in the next issue of the blog, in the Art Journal Challenge, Part 4. If you have other ideas, please do your page and if you would like to share, send me photos. I'll post them in the next issue. Remember, this is a journey for all of us and I want to learn from everyone!


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