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Art Journal Challenge - September 1, 2023

Part One - As we continue our Halloween journey with this issue of the blog we will also continue the art journal challenge with more Halloween. (For those who would rather bypass Halloween you can take part in this challenge by doing your challenge with a Fall or Christmas theme.)

There appears to be a current trend on social media where you take an old painting or print from a thrift store and add your art to make it Halloween. While not a new idea...I actually did two pieces quite a few years ago for an auction at the studios where I used to create...the subjects aren't necessarily Halloween either. I decided to create a challenge where you take a line drawing and do the same.

You can view some photos here to see what I am talking about...

Halloween Art Redone

You can also view some that were not done for Halloween with different themes here...

Thrift Store Painting

FYI... the artist known as Banksy has even been known to redo a painting or two. Just do an internet search for 'Banksy thrift store painting' and you will find some of his work.

One of the pieces I had done all those years ago was a black-and-white architectural drawing of someone's home. That is where I came up with our challenge.

We will start with a graphic I have borrowed from the Graphics Fairy. She has a wonderful collection of clipart but I was especially interested in her storefronts for this project.

I chose the following one...

(I also printed out a similar image of a house I found but did not save the URL, many such images are readily available if you do an online search, I've tried to find the link for the one I downloaded with no luck. Sorry.)

I printed the image out on a variety of papers...a heavier weight watercolor-this one smeared the most coming through the printer...a slightly lighter weight paper made for pastels - still smeared but not as much...a piece of colored construction paper and some regular printer paper.

Once printed I decided to cut out the ones I chose to use. To see how the different papers would work for this project I chose the pastel weight paper for the storefront and the regular printer paper for the house. (Please be printer left scads of ink on the pastel paper and smeared very easily.)

Once cut, I 'glued' the images to my scrapbook using ModPodge®.

Now comes the challenge... After you choose your images, print, cut, and what you want to add to the can completely color them or go with the white backgrounds...add what says Halloween to you. I will show you what I came up with in Part 2 of this challenge in the September 15 blog.

P.S. If you should happen upon my 'house' image while searching, could you send me the link?

Also, should you want to make these challenges more fun for me...please share what you do with any of the challenges to

Trick or Treat!

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