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Autumn - A Pictorial Essay

As the leaves tumble to the ground, an autumn odyssey awaits us...

Painting by Frederic Church 1826-1900

Vintage Japanese Print

Cauterskill Falls on the Catskill Mountains, by William Guy Wall, 1826-27

Greenwood Lake Autumn on the Hudson by Jasper Francis Cropsey 1823-1900

Autumn Landscape by Charles Ethan Porter 1847-1923

Fall Plowing by Grant Wood 1931 - Photo Credit Wiki Commons.

Painting by Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902

Artist Unknown - Possibly digital manipulation.

Artist Unknown - Possibly digital manipulation.

These and so much more are readily available if you search online. Quite often finding one leads to the next. I have discovered artists I might never had known existed. I have included some that appear to be digital manipulations, solely for the inspiration they provide. I hope all of these have inspired you.

Enjoy wonderful fall season!

Photos credit - Pixabay.Com unless otherwise noted.

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