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Autumn Art

The fall brings about a change of scenery, a magnificent color palette runs across the hillsides. The glorious colors of autumn are quite often captured by the artist's brush.

From the blazing reds to the warm oranges, add in the sparkling golds and the burnished browns and you are caught under a spell of nature. While all of the seasons each offer their own unique look, fall tends to grab us unexpected, and with such a strong, in-your-face explosion of hues. The following works of art have all appeared from our past, from well-known artists such as Claude Monet to often unheard of but non the less important artists of their time. Please allow these works to inspire your own...

Autumn by Maurice Prendergast, 1917-18

Worcestershire Scenery In Autumn by Frederick Henry Henshaw, 1843. Oil painting.

Autumn by Helmer Osslund, 1907

Autumn Foliage, Unknown Author, 1915

Høst, Vøyenvollen gård by Tannæs, Marie, 1924

Golden Autumn by Alfred East, 1900

Autumn by Robert Henry Lindsay, 1913

Fruit ('The Autumn Gift') by George Lance, 1834

Poplars Autumn by Claude Monet, 1891

Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil by Claude Monet, 1873

Autumn Effect at Argenteuil by Claude Monet, 1873

All artwork in this article is now in the public domain. Sources - Wikimedia Commons.

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