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Back to school...with style!

Fall brings with it so many things. One of the most important is a return to school. Essential to the shaping of young minds, it is a necessity that we all grow through. Along with the ever changing lessons come the tools, the events, the fun that make up the school year. How does this relate to us in the painting world?

As parents, we gather up the basics...a collection of academic requirements that include but are not limited to tablets, pens, pencils, art supplies, note books, binders, book bags. So much to insure our young ones are prepared and ready to go! Grandparents quite often are included in all this hoopla, a welcome sharing of the joys of back to school.

As painters, we need to support arts programs and supplement them with our knowledge whenever possible. Encourage those children to pick up that pencil, apply the colors of paint and crayon. Perhaps have a regular after school evening where you teach them what you know. The sharing of technique can have positive results. Maybe that shy little girl is the next Picasso or the hesitant boy is the next Da Vinci.

Getting back to those school supplies... It's a good way to exercise your painting needs. Paint a cute back to school design on a binder, decorate a plain book bag with designs that make your school bound buddy smile! Have your student paint their notebooks with whatever makes them happy. We have so much we can to do to make this school year a little bit more fun, a bit more creative!

Happy 1st day of school!


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