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Back to school...yes, pumpkins have lines!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

September, typically when the kiddos head back to school.

Primary colors come to mind when I think of school. We all remember learning all about them in class when we were young. Red, yellow and blue.

Then there were the secondary colors; green, orange and purple.

The awe I felt being able to take those marvelous hues, whether they were crayons or paints, and create something very personal for me, as I'm sure it was for everyone. We couldn't wait to take our 'art' home to show our parents. The pride we felt as they were given a place of honor on the ice box.

Back then we didn't worry about our work, we were born artists. It wasn't until much later that we were shocked to learn our inherent talent was slowly being taken away. The act of learning was, in effect, sucking the art out of most of us.

My memories as a child are vague at best but I remember a day in second grade when a classmate was drawing a pumpkin. We all were. It was the assignment. What I remember is the teacher telling that classmate that he had to stop what he was drawing, that pumpkins don't have lines! In hindsight, I wish that a second grader had the wisdom and courage to tell that teacher she was wrong. Pumpkins most certainly have lines! Perhaps even worse was the fact that she told a child he couldn't draw what he felt.

I highly encourage everyone to draw what you feel, to paint with heart. Don't listen to those who will not let you shine. Inspire those around you to do the same...

and when that special child brings home that ever important work of art, be sure to hang it, in the best light and on the most traditional of showcases, the fridge.

Here is a portrait of me that my 5 year old granddaughter did. I think she found my essence very well...especially the hair and glasses...and yes, it is proudly hanging on my fridge!

Photo Credits - Pixabay

Portrait Credit - Miss Elliot M. Kellogg

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