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  • Diane M Kellogg

Birds of Fall

Part 2 of a 4 part series.

Perhaps there isn't any bird that comes to mid quicker, when we mention birds and fall, as the regal turkey. (Well, maybe the crow, sitting on the shoulders of that grinning scarecrow...but we are saving him for our Birds of Halloween) The turkey is a sure sign of fall, his coloring alone speaks volumes. No wonder we enjoy painting him. Realistically he is a study of blacks and browns, a wonderfully patterned bird, especially when he struts. For the cutesy painter we adorn him in multi colored feathers that span the rainbow. The startling reds of his wattle and snood balance against the blue around his eyes, giving a painting subject with a surprise of bright colors. A bird to be appreciated, not just for Thanksgiving dinner. (He has a ham!)

The quail is the next bird on the list. There is something about this rather preppy fellow that seems to blend well in a fall painting. The browns of his feathers give great contrast with the white, offering a contrast that can be stunning when painted, as it is in real life.

Now we come to the Ruffed Grouse, a favorite of mine, it is the state bird of Pennsylvania and seen quite frequently there. Another bird with a varied coat of brown or grey feathers, he has a variegated appearance with the white spread throughout his plumage.

Finally, we give homage to the pheasant. Perchance the most colorful on our list, he most definitely can strut his stuff. The male often has a wattle and a longer tail, along with brighter colors then the female. They are sure to make for a colorful painting.

The birds in this chapter of our bird saga tend to lean towards fall colors, perhaps why I chose them for this commentary. These are the birds who say 'fall' to me, autumn is here.

Feel free to message me with your 'bird' stories, what ones inspire you and share your art!

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Happy Fall!


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