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Blog Note Feb.1, 2020

Valentine's Day, it's just two weeks away. Time to get all those hand-painted love notes to your special Valentines. Both Pamela Cassidy's project from last issue and Linda lIneman's project in this issue lend themselves to Valentine's or everyday decor with their shared theme of birds. Birds are so popular right now, as always. We have a short pictorial essay in this issue and look for the birds of summer in a future issue along with an issue or two devoted to that lovable barnyard bird, the chicken!

In our next two issues, we will celebrate the winner of the ongoing fabric painting challenge from Painting World Magazine with directions for her winning design and we will also get into the green...St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast. We will have a fun, easy sign project along with some mouthwatering Irish recipes.

I'd like to update everyone on something new that will be added to most painting projects

on the blog. A blog is meant to be read online and when I put them together the blog format I use can be very unfriendly for anyone wanting to print out an article. When I am able, (Occasionally I can't do this.) I will add a link for both a printable WORD file and a printable PDF file. These will take you to printable versions of the original files as I receive them from the designers, with photos being inserted. I cannot control the length of these files. I suggest printing two to one to a page to keep paper use down. If the project has no link you can safely assume, for one reason or another, it couldn't be done. In that instance, I suggest you copy/paste text and photos separately into your word or pdf program to print. Another option is to contact the designer. I hope this helps.

Please remember, if you have any problems with the blog, please email me at I don't always see messages on social media and this is the quickest way to get any issues taken care of.


*NOTIFICATION* - If you are receiving multiple emails, for example, one for each blog post...

please email me at and I will see what I can do to fix it. It has something to do with signing up on the blog page to post comments. Not everyone gets multiple notifications and I'm working on a permanent fix. =0)

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