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Blog Notes - April 1, 2022

April has arrived and with it, I am sure a myriad amount of April Fool's jokes. Most everyone likes a good joke and it is always entertaining to see who comes up with what on this first day of the month. I tend to stay away from joking, I always worry they will backfire. Today I celebrate the beginning of another month, a time for rebirth and the inspiration the spring season can bring.

Rather than April Fools, we are going to take a look at April Fuels, be sure to check out this pictorial essay.

Do you ever let words inspire your creations, your painting? We've put together a collection of quotes for just that idea.

Our featured artist for this issue is Sivanvitha Juturu. She has provided us with a wonderful project, The Spring Delight. It will make your heart flutter.

Our Promoting Painting section is overflowing with some wonderful products and ideas, be sure to give them a visit.

Happy Spring!

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