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Blog Notes - April 15, 2023

The middle of April has been quite brisk in arriving. The tax man has cometh and many of us are just relieved to have that part of life finished for the year. Time to get on with funner things!

I've got news, some of you may have heard...there is a new convention on the horizon. The first Annual Paint & Craft Expo or APC Expo for short is coming soon. Set for June of 2024 this venue will bring you a fusion of paint and art. Classes, a vendor floor, and more. Check it out here on the blog and follow the links to learn even more!

Earth Day arrives soon and we have a pictorial essay to help you celebrate.

For those who are following our next art journal project will appear on May 1.

Debby Forshey Choma brings spring well into our reach with a fun project. Her 'Fresh as a Daisy' design is ready for you to create. Multiple techniques and beautiful colors make you feel like you are in the midst of a meadow!

Our Promoting Painting section is full of fun links and cool products. Take a look.

Happy Spring!

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