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Blog Notes - April 22, 2021

Today we celebrate the Earth. This wonderful planet we are fortunate enough to dwell upon.

I glance out the window and see the sun shining on a glistening pond while the tree branches sway in the breeze. It's a beautiful picture, ready to paint. What inspires us, as painters, as much as nature?

In this issue, we bring you a foray into a sculptor's paradise, a look at the Tree of Life in Florida. The sculpting is amazing! You can also find a short but sweet post about Earth Day that is filled with a bunch of fun links.

Keeping with our theme, we have a fun painting project with the Red Panda by Sivanvitha Juturu. An interesting design with a mixed media background.

Our 'Promoting Painting' section has some fun places to visit. Be sure you do!

DESIGNER ALERT! The PWM Blog is looking for some designs. Openings are available for now through the end of the year. Please, if you are new at designing, send us your work or if you are one of our current Diane at

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