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Blog Notes August 1, 2020

August is here! Not far behind is the holiday we all love. Halloween! The fun, the jack o' lanterns, the candy! This is by far one of my favorite holidays to paint. The bright colors speak to me like no others, the oranges, and the purples, the glow of light against a black backdrop.

This month we will concentrate on Halloween and the fun that comes with it. Part One is full of that fun!

Our Art Journal Challenge is Halloween themed all this month and part one dares you to take that pleasing pumpkin and turn it into a joyous Jack O'Lantern.

We have a short article on the origins of All Hallows' Eve. I hope it inspires your Halloween painting.

Phyllis Spaw has shared a delightfully spooky project with us. A fun painting project perfect for Halloween.

Take a look at our sponsor's pages and see what they can offer you to help finish all your projects. Promoting painting is the place to check them out. Be sure to click through to their web pages.

Happy Halloween!

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