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Blog Notes August 12, 2020

Halloween edges closer. Fall is in the air and the delicious scent of pumpkin spice is unofficially the aroma of the season. Pumpkins await carving, or in the case of the decorative artist...painting. Costumes are being chosen, even if we may be celebrating at a distance.

It's a colorful time with a fun theme!

The black cat is often considered the mascot of Halloween and we have a pictorial essay to inspire your creativity. Meow...

Our art journal challenge continues with something new and continuing the Jack O' Lantern challenge!

Be sure to check out our Promoting Painting section with some great sponsors. From paint to castings, magazines to wood...they can keep you supplied!

A new artist joins us in this issue with an awesome new painting surface for you. Be sure to see what Marie-Lou Denis brings to this issue.

Happy Halloween!

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