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Blog Notes - December 15, 2021

Dashing through the snow... okay, maybe not for all of us but I have heard stories of those in slightly chillier landscapes facing a whirling concoction of white.

Living in the south now I sometimes miss the hectic maelstrom created by the colder temperatures and exorbitant precipitation...mainly at Christmas.

There is something about snow and Christmas that seems to belong together. Feeling that light dusting of snow across your cheeks as you rush from one shop to the next in a frenzied rush to complete your shopping just says Christmas to me. I remember as a teenager making my first trip doing my own Christmas shopping...rushing from Grants® to Kresqe's® with a stop at Isaly's® along the way. That snow in my face was all part of the fun. (For younger readers...these are of course stores of my past.)

Snow has made many an appearance in decorative painting, from fantasy to realistic, from snowmen to landscapes...let it snow.

In this issue, we take a look at ugly sweaters and Christmas past. Amanda even shares her ugly sweater with you. Complete your holiday shopping (inside nice and toasty) at our Promoting Painting participants. Lots to choose from...but hurry...only 9 days to go...

Here is my holiday wish to you, no matter how you safe and be happy.

Merry Christmas!

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