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Blog Notes - February 12, 2021

Almost halfway through February and heading into Spring! The buds will soon be showing up on trees and bushes, flowers will follow not far behind. Yes, I love spring. The spring holidays are so colorful, starting with Valentine's Day with pinks and reds then onto St. Patrick's Day with its gleaming greens leading into the explosion of pastels for Easter. Even Mom gets her day in the Spring! (Technically all the aforementioned holidays do not occur in the spring but for me, some of them are harbingers of said season. Are you ready for Spring?

This issue brings us a fun project from Margaret Riley, a look at the artwork of Edward Hopper and the Lunar New Year 2021 - Year of the Ox.

Designer Alert - Looking for submission here on the blog. Providing the editorial calendar below for ideas. (Easter is not needed.) Email me at

Magazine Designer's Alert -

This is a call for Ornaments for our Special Digital Edition. If you have something beautiful ready to go please send an email with a photo to I need 14 wonderful designs!

If you are already in the print edition please do not apply for the digital edition.


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