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Blog Notes - January 1, 2022

As we end our current year our minds are awash with the possibilities the new year brings. From New Year's resolutions to a fresh start, we long to be better, to improve.

Like many, I have good intentions and sometimes I even succeed. I have figured out that the less demanding my resolutions, the more likely they are to survive. So no more highly improbable and unlikely ideas and on to some that I may just succeed at.

This year, I have decided to give of myself in a different children, all adults, want me to play games with them. From a particular PC game to an all-time classic role-playing game, I have decided to give them my time. Do I want to play these games...not really...but it means spending time with those I love. It really doesn't sound like much of a hardship, does it?! So onward, to battling evil forces and rolling the dice... I shall succeed!

So what's on your agenda for the new year? I still plan on becoming better organized, painting more, and complaining less...we will see how that goes.

In this issue, look for a little 'Auld Lang Syne', some great artist and vendor sites, and a delightful new watercolor design from Sivanvitha Juturu.

Happy New Year!

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