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Blog Notes - January 1, 2023

2023 has arrived! In my neck of the woods, it brought a beautiful, warm summer-like day. The kind of weather I adore. I hope the whole of 2023 is just as nice. At this point, I'm unsure of all I want to do with this shiny new year but I plan on not planning...just check out the short article I wrote in this issue. Then check with me in a year to see how it went.

As I get ready for the first trip of the year, one that involves three littles, ages 3,6 & 8, I expect I'll be worn out before the first two weeks have played out. What a fun way to go...hopefully it will be a creativity-inspired, art-filled trip. What arts and crafts do you do with your children or grandchildren?

This issue brings us a fun, uplifting project done in black and whites by Effie Carayannis.

Be sure to visit our Promoting Painting partners to see what's new.

Happy New year!

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