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Blog Notes January 11, 2020

1/3 of January 2020 is gone already. I guess it is true, the older you get the faster time flies.

I hope that you got some painting time in. Did you make your list of resolutions or are you just going to wing it? Here's to successful completion.

I have got some grand plans here on the blog. February brings us three issues with Home Decor as our theme. March brings the Birds of Spring, along with a barnyard fowl or two.

The Birds of Summer make their appearance in April, along with a patriotic look at painting.

In May we are going to get ready for a picnic. June brings a month of Steampunk. Of course, July would not be complete with Christmas. We give way to Halloween High Jinx in August.

We will celebrate Dia de las Muertos' in September. In October we will fall into Christmas, with Fall projects giving way to the merriest of holidays. November brings us a month of holiday-inspired projects while December brings us some last-minute gift ideas. Of course, there will be a sprinkling of this and that amongst all the issues.

I want to encourage all the current and new designers to submit any projects you may be thinking about. I would also like all of our readers to consider submitting a favorite recipe for the blog, it could be a picnic dish or something for any of the holidays.

While I have started a year-long challenge, I will still be putting up the occasional artistic challenge. Please participate, it will be fun!

If there is something you would like to read about, just send me a message via email at I can't wait to hear from you!


Las Vegas, NV 2020: Feb. 16 - 21 Tropicana Hotel


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