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Blog Notes - January 12, 2021

Partway into January, well into winter. I have to admit, it's a much friendlier season down south. Do I miss the snow, the chill winds, the icy roads? Sometimes yes to the first and not at all to the other two. That being said, I am inspired by snow and winter, I love looking at winter-related art and just can't resist adding snow and flakes to my pieces. I love the glitter that reminds me of a crisp winter morning with the sun sparkling across the whiteness. To those enjoying a snowy morning view, enjoy that cup of hot chocolate and bundle up!

This is also a great time to catch up on all those UFOs we have laying around. Starting new projects is perfect too. Knock a thing or two off that to-do list.

Effie has given us a fun project for this issue that just sparkles! Along with some reader-submitted art and a pictorial meant to inspire there is plenty to paint!

Lift those brushes!!!


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