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Blog Notes January 22, 2020

As I write this set of blog notes I am preparing for my second trip to the Festival of the Arts in Epcot, at Walt Disney World. I am so lucky to be able to attend again. This time I get to experience it with some slightly younger travel companions, my granddaughters, ages 7 mo., 3 and 5 years. It should be fun! I hope to bring you back news from this world of art. I also hope to bring you an article on the colorful art of Alebrije.

We are well into the month of January. It's been warm in quite a few places, with higher than normal temperatures. I'll take that any day. I admit I love warmth. as we head toward February Pamela Cassidy brings us a set of Love Birds you just won't be able to resist. Everyone loves cardinals and these are waiting for you to pick up your brush!

The next issue of the blog, February 1, will see another set of love birds from Linda Lineman. Seems like everyone is a little twitterpated. Look for future articles on the birds of spring and the birds of summer.

Don't forget our year-long challenge is on. Time to gather some things to work on your art journal. Be sure to look at this issue's art journal challenge...and don't be afraid to challenge us!


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