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Blog Notes - January 22, 2021

Winter is fast heading into spring, the dandelions are starting to pop up here and there in the area where I now live. When I was in Pennsylvania I often thought of dandelions are the harbingers of spring. They were the first color of the season, along with forsythia bushes.

I am fortunate to live in a warmer climate now where spring comes just a bit sooner. These florals tend to ignite my desire to create. Maybe it's just the thought of a dreary winter giving way to the sunshine of a season that brings rebirth. In any case, enjoy those buds as they arrive and welcome the season!

I've made a few trips to the beach in the last couple of weeks, it is so inspiring to hear the waves crashing on the shore and watch the birds look for treats. I'll even take you for a walk in this issue. Looking at the top of the water you can only begin to imagine the life that thrives below. Marlene Fudge has let her imagination take you 'under the sea' in this issue of the blog!

This issue also starts a 6 part series from our favorite nail artist, Marie-Lou Denis. First up, her Valentine's Day theme that will take you up, up, and away!

Designer Alert! from Painting World Magazine...

Book Consideration!

This is a callout for artists who would like their top trending designs considered to be featured in an upcoming book.

Please email:

Thank you!


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