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Blog Notes July 11, 2019

As I sit readying this issue of the blog a thunder storm rages outside, lightning flies across a dark sky and I, this should be a Halloween issue, not Christmas! You DO want to watch the blog in upcoming months for some great free Halloween projects. You won't be disappointed.

This issue continues our Christmas In July theme. Last issue we had a cheerful candle wrap from Alise Duerr, this week brings you a whimsical owl ornament from Debbie Huska. Be sure to give a shout out in the comments section, let all these wonderful artists know we appreciate them.

We recently changed the servers used for the blog. In doing so, most of the past issues are no longer available. You can contact the artists for information about their patterns. They retain all rights and most can find a way to help you. If you like a pattern that is currently available, please save it to your computer for future reference/use. Please note that all design copyrights are the property of the individual artists.

Check out the fun photo story about Christmas art throughout history. Perhaps it will inspire you to search online for more. Maybe it will get you painting for Christmas. (Yes, I know a lot of you already are!)

I need to hear from you, the reader. What do you want to see or read here in the blog? Feel free to comment with suggestions. Tell us what you like.


Diane =0)

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