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Blog Notes July 12, 2020

Welcome to part two of our Christmas in July Edition. It is sweltering here in Myrtle Beach with the warmest temperatures so far this summer. While it is wonderful to think of Christmas to help cool off...air conditioning helps too!

In this issue, we take a look at the magic of snowflakes with some help from science. Myself, I am fascinated by the intricacies of snowflakes, the fancier the better! For years I painted them with eight sides till one day I found out they only have six sides. LOL!

Our art journal challenge has some awesome entries from one of our readers. Great job Susan! I await some more from al you talented readers. Please send them to me at Mine will be in the last issue this month if he doesn't melt first!

Our project this issue comes to us from Milan, Italy. Eliana has designed the cutest penguin!

You will want to paint this cutie more than once!

On a serious note, most of our conventions have been canceled or postponed due to COVID. Be sure to continue to support the conventions we still have, if they have postponed, they will return. Hopefully bigger and better than ever! Look for more information in future issues of the blog.

Another thought to ponder, our arts & crafts shows are also being canceled at alarming rates. Look for these shows to hopefully reschedule as the battle against COVID comes to a conclusion, however long that takes. For sellers, look for other alternatives such as a crafter's mall, consignment shops, and online sales. For shoppers, search out your favorite artists, they may be in the very places just mentioned.

Happy Holidays!!!

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